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Why am I writing this? I want to list all the areas whereI don't "think like most other people", that is, where I have a different understanding of scripture. All of these areas have caused problems in fellowshipping. Now I must ask myself, yet once again, what am I looking for?

Now, the Rant...!Edit

List of Differences[edit]Edit

My list of "issues" which have been fellowship breakers

Whom Do We Serve?[edit]Edit

Let's start with the Creator, I think we can all agree on that one. What's next? How many of them are there? One Creator or Two? To me, scripture clearly indicates that there is One Elohim, and there is One Creator. He DOES have a Son! As revealed in the Apostolic Writings, and prophesied in the Hebrew Scriptures, Messiah Yehushua, the Son of Elohim. The Hebrew Scripture is YHWH's inspired word. The Apsotolic Writings are the details of the life of Messiah. The Apostolic writings include the Gospels.

Times of Worship[edit]Edit

When does a day, week, month, year start? On this issue, I am aware of only a very few people with whom I am in total agreement on all four points, and it has not even been a very long period of time that I saw these points as I now see them.

Some people think that worship times should be determined by the Jews. To the best of my knowledge of recent history (the last 150-200 years), the first organized group to reject Jewish time reckoning, at least concerning the beginning of the year, were the Seventh Day Adventists. Within the last ten to twenty years, some other small independent groups, whom we may label as "Messianic" or "Hebrew Roots" have rejected the Jewish reckoning of the beginning of the month, choosing to observe a "crescent moon" as the beginning of the month, rather than a Jewish calculation or a conjunction (whether based on a day beginning at sunset of dawn). Concerning when the week starts, there is much controversy about when people started observing the phases of the moon to count the weekly Sabbath day. Regarding the beginning of the day, this has been a controversy for perhaps decades if not longer, this again seeming to originate with the Seventh Day Adventists. All of this assuming that what I understand to be the correct reckoning of day, week, month, and year have not been practiced much longer than is generally known.

YHWH's Law[edit]Edit

How many arguments do we have on this? Paul was right to admonish against endless disputations. I think he meant that we should not argue about what is valid and what is not, and seek to apply it to our own lives. Do I obey the Law perfectly? Only in my heart. But it is my deepest desire to obey the Law perfectly, with the help of the holy spirit, which Messiah promised that he would give.

Did Messiah pre-exist?[edit]Edit

Scripture certainly seems to indicate a pre-existance of Messiah, that is, that Messiah existed in some form before Father YHWH, through the holy spirit, overshadowed Mary. Do we really believe that Yehushua's life began with the virgin birth? Has anyone ever noticed that the Nicene creed omits the virgin birth?

The Book of Leviticus[edit]Edit

Two issues here: Animal Sacrifices and Having more than one wife. There are those who acknowledge the Law of YHWH, and agree that the Law of Moses is indeed the Law of YHWH, and that it is indeed in effect and being written on our hearts (new covenant) but they still do not acknowledge that the Law of YHWH is entirely in effect, saying that some things "don't apply to today". While I do acknowledge that there is no temple at present, where YHWH is dwelling, that does not mean to me that the laws concerning the temple, including sacrifices, are not in effect. It ssimply means that we are not able to perform that part of the Law, because we are in dispersion. Just as Daniel was not able to continue the daily sacrifices once he was in captivity in Babylon. Daniel did, however, pray towards the temple three times a day.


Which Law do we observe, if we even think we need to observe a Law? How do we define the Law of YHWH? Can we just pick and choose which ones we like? Who defines which ones we keep and which ones we don't? Did Paul really say that the Law was done away with? Or was he rather rebuking people who thought that if they kept the Law perfectly, they would be able to save themselves? What about the oral law of the Jews? Is it really never mentioned?

Experiences of Being Disfellowshipped[edit]Edit

How many times which fellowship breakers experienced: Most recent first... once for keeping company with the "wrong type". A brother who was / is a bit obnoxious about believing in the sacred names and his own personal theory about how to use something as a basis to determine something, for which it was not intended to be used. Disfellowshipped over reading the torah at the feast, that is, for believing that the feasts are to be kept and for keeping them. Disfellowshipped for not believing in the trinity. Disfellowshipped for Sabbath keeping to my best understanding, and also for believing that Leviticus is still applicable, especially regarding marriage regulations. Indirectly disfellowshipped by another brother stating 12 beliefs, including beards and tassels, and not eating out in restaurants on the Sabbath and Feast Days. Disfellowshiped for believing in obeying YHWH's commandments regarding sacrifices.


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