Welcome to the Lunar Sabbath WikiEdit

This is a place to raise all issues surrounding the Lunar Sabbath, and present all evidence. Anyone with a sincere interest in keeping the Sabbath is welcome to participate. All participation must be done in an honest and respectful manner. We are truth seekers, not people arguing for argument's sake.

How This WorksEdit

To participate effectively, you should read this page: Standard of Evidence. It explains the different types of evidence, and how to add each type to this web site.

Issues Edit

Lunar Sabbath Vs Saturday/Sunday & other sabbaths Edit

  • What is the history of the seven day week, repeating cycle?
  • Did the Romans ever add a day at the end of the month? Were their weeks consistent?
  • The Jews Preserved the Sabbath, We should listen to our older brother Judah!
  • The Saturday Sabbath goes back to Creation
  • Does YHWH have two calendars?

How To Determine the Lunar Sabbath/New Moon/Feast Days Edit

  • Day
    • When does the day begin?
    • When does the day end?
    • How long is a day?
    • What is a day?
  • Week
    • When does the week begin?
  • Month
  • Year
  • Sabbath Year
  • Jubilee Year
  • Omer Count Pentecost/Shavuot
  • How to observe the New Moon
    • Should we even observe the New Moon?
  • How to observe the Sabbath
  • Passover/Pesach
    • Should we kill a lamb?
  • Tabernacles/Sukkot
    • What do we do with the tree branches? Wave them or build a booth?
    • Do the tree branches have to be lulav and etharog, as per Jewish tradition?

Latest activityEdit

would like to add my rant on fellowshipping

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